vrijdag 9 maart 2012

Late in the evening

In between taking care of the  kids, wallpapering at my moms, the flue, spring holiday , planting flowerbulbs in the garden and taking part in activities at the schools of my sons I found time to do some miniatures. Quite incredible huh?
Honestly I can't think of  a greater way to relax. Just imagine me late in the evening sitting in my private little corner of the house, my worktable filled with scraps of paper, different kinds of glue, woodchips, scissors, craftknifes, uncountable bottles of paint and paintbrushes in jars. I have some great music on and I can't help myself from singing along and swinging my feet to the beat. The desklight is shining brightly and my two pairs of glasses are in reach if I need to see something a little better. The smell of fresh coffee surrounds me....aaaaaaah....just PERFECT!

And there I go, my head is filled with so many ideas...I glue...I cut...I paint...I hum...I move to the beat...

Late at night I suddenly realise how late it actually is. I try to clean up the workspace a little (not to much though, the chaos others see has some wierd logic and order to me), I dim the lights, turn off the music and take a closer look at the miniatures I made. A huge sigh...life is good, life is great!

Let's find hubby, pour a glass of wine, walk the dog together and snuggle into bed.

Here are some of the miniatures I made lately and recently were added to my webshop.

You're ever so welcome to browse around in the shop http://www.anothercosyshop.nl

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Peggy, I love your little corner! You have made some really wonderful mini's! Great post!!

  2. You make the most wonderful minis. I love your work.


  3. Great miniatures! what a relaxing evening in a nice corner.

  4. Dios mio son tan perfectas que no parecen miniaturas !!
    menudo realismo tan fantástico !!
    me encantan ,te lo juro!!
    tu rinconcito para hacer manualidades es perfecto ,y con olor a cafè mucho mas !!
    felicitaciones guapísima !!

    ** . * . . . . * . * . Un besito
    .. * . (\ *** /) * . * cielo
    .* . * ( \(_)/ ) * * . que tengas
    .* . * (_ /|\ _) . * . un buen
    .* . * . /___\ * . . * dia