dinsdag 3 april 2012

Having a shop-day

Usually when I have a shop-day I shop...till I nearly drop. But nowadays I reserve time to fill my webshop. I start with gathering the miniatures I made and checking them a few times if they're good enough to sell. I'm such a perfectionist and I only want to sell something I'd really like to buy myself. Hubby tells me I shouldn't be so fussy and that not everyone shares my personal taste but I just can't help myself.

Next step is to photograph the items and off I go with my camera, looking for the best daylight and with my photoboxes under my arm. I arrange the miniatures and try to take pictures... a lot of pictures. After that I choose the most clear and truthful ones to put in the shop.
By the time I finally sit behind my pc to upload the items in the shop half of the day has suddenly vanished. Ehm...maybe hubby is right?

But when I'm finally done it's such a satisfying feeling. Yes! I did it!

Feel like taking a more detailed look around? Visit http://www.anothercosyshop.nl where you can see the pricing and way to purchase. I'll have virtual coffee waiting for you!

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