zondag 22 september 2013

Spring in autumn

The seasons are changing and I can feel the autumn in the air. On a cold and rainy day I was browsing on the internet when my eye caught some adorable felt kits which I just couldn't resist. They are very 'springy' and sooooo shabby chic.
As soon as the kits arrived I started working on them and since they came with all the materials included, an easy to do pattern and clear explanation I was finished in no time.
Today the weather cleared up so I rushed into the garden to take some pictures.

The kits are Jit Design www.jitdesign.nl/ and I've seen loads of kits I can't wait to make.  I can picture it now...felting through the autumn and winter. What a great idea!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Peggy! What Adorable kittens with their sweet faces and clothing! I can see why you fell head over heels for them! This will certainly keep your mind off of the blustery weather this season. Keep on making them they are great!


  2. Bonjour Peggy, c'est adorable ! Ces petites chattes la brouette, les nichoirs ... trop craquants !
    L'automne s'installe mais avec le soleil et les températures redevenues douces c'est une très belle saison !
    Bisous. rosethé

  3. Demasiado bello, me encanta adorable y dulce.

  4. Dat ziet er leuk uit Peggy.

    Groetjes Xandra

  5. The kittens are adorable. I like these sweet scenes.