maandag 31 december 2012

The last project of 2012

It's the  last day of 2012 and I've just finished my last project of this year. I just made it in time and I just had to show you some pictures of it. It's Noah's ark and it has about a hunderd tiny animals on it, grouped in pairs...there are elephants, horses, birds, camels, lions, apes, cows, to many to mention.
The whole ark measures about 2,5 inch in length and 1 inch in height.
It took some time, cutting, coloring, pasting and it was loads of fun to do. I'm rather pleased with the result.
And now I'm off to have a typical Dutch newyear's delicacy the 'oliebol' but not before wishing you all the best for 2013! Let's make it the best year ever!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi Peggy.

    Op de valreep laat je nog weer iets moois zien. Hij is prachtig geworden je Ark. Ik wens je een goed en creatief 2013 en eet smakelijk van je oliebol.

    Groetjes Xandra

  2. Fantástico trabajo, que tengas una entrada de año feliz y mis mejores deseos para el 2013 :)

  3. Peggy, wat is dát een prachtige Ark van Noah geworden!! Zo'n priegelwerk, geweldig!
    Ik wens jouw familie en jou een heel goed, gezond en creatief 2013!!
    Liefs, Ilona

  4. It is so well made​​. Good idea. I hope you are well into the new year and I wish you all the best for 2013.

  5. It is fabulous:) I hope you a very good 2013:)
    Hugs, Candy:)

  6. Hello Peggy! Your little Noah's ark is so charming and you have detailed it all so well! I love the total look of it and the colors that you've chosen are perfect! I love it!