vrijdag 8 april 2011

Heating up the place

I've joined another blog http://poppenhuiskladblogger.blogspot.com/ and since that one is merely in Dutch I'll be using English here. I haven't been blogging much lately but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I'll show you what I've been up to the following days.
 To my big surprise so many of you have entered the give-away...I'm stunned. What a great response! Tomorrow is the big day and I'm really wondering where the goodies will go to...maybe the gift has to travel across oceans, mountains and borders to get to it's destination!
Guess what? Already over 300 followers, I'll soon be having another give-away!!!!! Any suggestions on what you'd like to win are welcome!

Well...spring is in the air, the temperature is climbing slowly, we're turning off the central heating and we all have days of lingering in the sunshine on our minds. The perfect setting to create the following; a coalbox in miniature :o)

I made a box out of balsa wood with a removable lid at the front. After covering it with Gesso I painted it greyish and gave it a more used look.
Here you see the basic box:

I made tiny coal scoops out of the tinfoil of waxine light cups

After attaching a hook on the side of the box from which the scoop can hang, a knob on the front of the lid and a handle on top this is how the coalbox looks

The box is filled with tiny stones resembling coal

The living room is getting cozier and cozier...

See you all tomorrow, I can hardly wait!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. dat heb je leuk gemaakt!!!
    Dat plaatje van die kamer ziet er ook erg leuk uit!
    Ik ga heel hard duimen en misschien win ik morgen wel...;))
    Heel veel plezier morgen met het bekend maken.
    en een zonnig fijn weekend
    lieve groet Manuela

  2. What a great coal box! Your living room has some really nice pieces. It looks very pretty! =)

  3. Hola Peggy:
    que bonita carbonera ,me parece una miniatura extraordinaria ,ademas muy original.
    que bonito queda en esa esquina del salon !!
    maravilloso trabajo ,precioso!!
    Un besito cielo,que tengas un buen dia

  4. Fantastic work on the coal box. Love all your details, Carol :)