maandag 31 oktober 2011

Naughty Boris!

I made myself a little dog too....a tiny mischief I named Boris. He's totally the opposite of Fifi, she's rather posh and cuddly, he always puts himself in trouble.

I love pets but I do have rules! One of them is 'NOT ON THE COUCH' because I hate those doghairs everywhere and having no place to sit myself. Ofcourse the same rules apply to the dollhouse but look what happened this morning...I caught him in the act!

I was about to scold him but then he looked at me with those puppy eyes and I just melted. What to do? Instead of punishing I just gave him a huge hug and realised his hairs are so tiny it won't make much difference anyways.

Be honest..could you resist that look?
By the way...I have it from reliable source (Boris) that Fifi tends to sneakily find the best seat in the house too. Just a little warning for her next owner!

Fifi wants to be adopted

Wow...have I been busy lately! Time really flies. I've been making loads of miniatures because...drumroll...I'm opening an official webshop! It would be great if you stopped by to say hello, the link is
I'm still filling the shop with items and having loads of fun doing it.

I did keep up with reading all of your blogs, what great creations I've seen, so much talent out there. Quite amazing!
And ofcourse I noticed I have  350 !!! followers, isn't that absolutely incredable?

To celebrate this I made something for you to give away and I really like you to meet:

Fifi is a tiny handmade dog and is looking for a home. She's a real girly girly dog with pink bows. She likes to cuddle and  play with a ball.
The dogbasket and leash are also handmade and she won't go anywhere without them!
Would you please give her a home? If you do, please make sure to:

- Be a follower of this blog.
- Leave a comment beneath this post.
- Keep your fingers crossed till sunday 27th november when the draw will be held.
- Posting a link on your blog would be appreciated, in fact your name will be put in twice for the draw (please mention you've linked the give-away on your blog).

Good luck everyone!