zondag 27 november 2011

And the winner is.....

Thank you all so much for entering my give-away! Today was an exciting day for Fifi, she could hardly wait to find out where she was going to live. Impatiently she waited for all the names to be put in a bowl and for my son to draw the lucky winner. He took his time by the way, knowing it was a very responsable job.
All the names together...

...waiting in a bowl
There he is....look at the serious look on his face!

Fifi goes to Carla Allesandra of Miniatura!!
Congratulations to you Carla Allesandra! Please contact me to give me your address so I can send Fifi on her way.

Fifi is going to live in Brasil, what a lucky little dog. That is...as soon as I can part her from my son...
Have a great day everyone and thanks again!!

donderdag 3 november 2011

Mom *gasp* ...There's a hedgehog in the microwave!!!

I've been making hedgehogs today and decided to make some pictures along the way to show you how.

First of all you'll need: fimoclay (brown, ocre and black), craftknife, clay gun (mine is from Artwork) but you could use a garlic press, tweezers, bowl, water, microwave.

Make a ball out of brown fimoclay, press it down on your worktop to get a flat bottom. Mold it into a yellybean shape. With the craftknife cut off the edge of one of the sides. Now you have the body of your hedgehog. Don't make the body to big, it will become much bigger after you've put spikes on it.
Make a smaller ball out of ocre fimoclay, form a yellybean shape and cut that in half. This will be the head of the hedgehog
Put the two pieces together and there you have a nude hedgehog!

For the spikes put some brown fimoclay through your claygun or garlic press.

Cut the strings of clay into tiny pieces

Pick up the little strips of clay with your tweezers and push them into the body of your hedgehog. Start at the back. Try not touching the clay with your fingers because the spikes will flatten.
Halfway through....yes, it's looking more like a hedgehog already!
Done..one spikey hedgehog
For the eyes and nose take some black fimoclay and make two tiny balls. Cut one of the balls in half; those are the eyes. The other ball is the nose.

You can bake your hedgehog in the oven but I prefer microwaving. There is some controversy whether fimoclay is safe to be put in the microwave. Until now I never had problems using the following method:
Put the hedgehog in a microwave suitable bowl and cover it with plain tapwater (use enough water to totally submerge your hedgehog). If you put it straight into the microwave the fimoclay will burn!
Cover the bowl with microwave foil.
Put the bowl into the microwave and heat for 3 minutes. The water will start boiling so do be careful to take it out, the bowl will be hot!
Take the hedgehog out of the bowl with a spoon, you'll notice the fimocolours somewhat fade. Let cool.
Higlight the colors with acrylic paint. Brighten up the eyes and nose with some varnish.

Don't forget to take the miniatures out of the microwave as I sometimes do. One of the kids, wanting to use the microwave himself,  came in rolling his eyes exclaiming...Mom! There's a hedgehog in the microwave!!!

Have a great day :o)