dinsdag 6 augustus 2013

I'm being sabotaged!

Yikes...I woke up this morning in a pretty good mood. After a wonderful cup of coffee I decided to work on some outstanding orders and on some ideas I have for Christmas miniatures. 
Whistling a happy tune I walked to my workplace and couldn't believe my eyes! I found my tiny workspace in total chaos; paint bottles everywhere, unfinished miniatures on the floor, ribbons hanging from my chair...
Words can hardly describe what I found.

After feeling really, really, really annoyed for a few seconds I couldn't help myself from laughing. Why? Just look at this cute face and you'll understand.

Meet Wodan, our new kitten, 10 weeks old, naugthy as naughty can be. But such a cutiepie he gets away with most of his mischief.
I'm going to be more firm with him!
I truly will!
 I'll scold him whenever needed! 
I'll put him back in place as soon as I see him do someting bad!
 I'm very determined!....

... But just one look at those innocent kitten eyes and my good intentions fly right out the window.
Oh dear...this is going to be difficult!

I'm going to rename him: it's Wicked Wodan from now on!

maandag 5 augustus 2013

Can you keep a secret?

Did you notice the needlefelted doggy in my previous post? Well...as soon as I published that message someone got in touch with me to tell me that doggy looked a lot like her real life pet dog. She was wondering if I would sell it to her and even sent me a picture of her dog to show the resemblance.
I was rather pleased she wanted the dog because she's someone who supported me from the start, giving me compliments about my work and really making my day with her kind words, bringing a smile to my face. Without knowing she kept me motivated so I actually have a lot to thank her for.
Ofcourse I didn't need to think for long and decided to give the doggy to her. But, seeing the picture of her pet I wanted to try and make another one for her, one that resembled her real life dog even more.
It is going to be  surprise since the person in question went on holiday and won't be back for another week.
Today I found myself in the sunshine, in my garden, poking wool until this little creature appeared. Tomorrow I'm going to sent it on its way.


So shussssssh...let's keep it out little secret, I just love suprises, don't you?