dinsdag 3 april 2012

Having a shop-day

Usually when I have a shop-day I shop...till I nearly drop. But nowadays I reserve time to fill my webshop. I start with gathering the miniatures I made and checking them a few times if they're good enough to sell. I'm such a perfectionist and I only want to sell something I'd really like to buy myself. Hubby tells me I shouldn't be so fussy and that not everyone shares my personal taste but I just can't help myself.

Next step is to photograph the items and off I go with my camera, looking for the best daylight and with my photoboxes under my arm. I arrange the miniatures and try to take pictures... a lot of pictures. After that I choose the most clear and truthful ones to put in the shop.
By the time I finally sit behind my pc to upload the items in the shop half of the day has suddenly vanished. Ehm...maybe hubby is right?

But when I'm finally done it's such a satisfying feeling. Yes! I did it!

Feel like taking a more detailed look around? Visit http://www.anothercosyshop.nl where you can see the pricing and way to purchase. I'll have virtual coffee waiting for you!

zondag 1 april 2012

Tutorial Spring Butterfly Lantern

What should I call this thingy I made; 'birdhouse with butterfly', 'butterfly house', 'hanging spring ornament' or maybe 'paper latern shaped like a birdhouse and with a butterfly stuck in the middle' (hmmm...accurate but kinda long)??? Oh well, the name doesn't really matter now does it? Here I have a tutorial for you; real easy to make, with materials  everyone has laying around and done in no time. As you can see I'm still celebrating my favorite season of all: SPRING!!

Materials needed:
Pretty paper
Glue (gluestick for paper)
Paper punch (heart shape)
Paper punch (butterfly shape)
Embroidery thread
Tiny bead
that's all!

Don't despair if you don't have the paper punches I've used. Any shape would really do, just keep the measurements in mind.

Step 1: Making a template
Take a small piece of cardboard (a square 4 cm is more then enough) and fold this in half. Draw half of a house on the cardboard and cut the shape you've drawn out. By the way...this is the perfect method to create identical sides to any shape you want to draw.
Check to see if the shape of the house you've obtained is to your liking.

Step 2: Making the walls
Cut out a strip of pretty paper (4 cm - 18 cm) and fold in half. Using the template draw the househalf 6 times and cut out.

Take the paper punch and punch out the hearts. To be able to punch exaclty in the middle first unfold the piece of paper and use the folding line as a guide. Turn your punch upside down and see if the folding line is in the middle of your punch.

Step 3: Glue together
Glue the folded pieces one on top of the other, don't glue the whole house together just yet. Leave the last two sides open. Leave to dry.

Step 4: Finishing touches
Color the cut edges with color pen or ink. I've used distress ink on mine.

Find your embroidery thread, a tiny bead and two tiny punches (I've used two butterflies)

Cut 16 cm of the embroidery thread and fold in half, tie a knot to leave a loop from which the house can be hung. Place a tiny bead unto the thread, underneath the knot.
Fold the house open and place the thread in the middle. Take two buttefly punches and determine the correct place on the thread to glue them. Glue the two butterflies on top of one another. Glue the remaining sides of the house together.


I hope you enjoy this tutorial.