zondag 10 juni 2012

As promised...

This morning I couldn't wait to take some pictures with the photobox I made. It was so much fun filling it with the miniatures that will be listed in my webshop soon. Here's a little peek at the first pictures I made. I know what I'll be doing today!
So if you happen to see a woman with a French shabby chic shop under one arm, a box full of miniatures under the other and a camera around her neck, looking for the best daylight AND with a huge smile on her face don't be alarmed...it's just me and usually I'm quite harmless.

Have a great day everyone!

zaterdag 9 juni 2012

A posh photobox

Whenever I want to take pictures of my miniatures I use these two boxes: one with wallpaper and a simple wooden pattern on the floor and one with a garden theme. They are easy in use because I can take the anywhere I want to catch the best natural light and using the boxes enabled me to arrange the miniatures in little scenes...

A few days ago I was in the garden with the boxes to take photographs and then it suddenly hit me...I wanted something different, something prettier, something shabby chic; a new photobox!

So out came the wood, the cardboard, the paint, the tools and I couldn't wait to bring the idea to life. Why not make a miniature shop as photobox?

A shop needs a huge window to display the merchandise so I used all kinds of leftover wooden bits and pieces to create one.

A shop with a vintage French look was the idea that stuck in my mind. I decided to decorate the front of the shop with cardboard.

As primer I used Gesso

I decided on egg-white paint with a drop of medium taupe for the wall, I didn't mix the paints thoroughly because I wanted different shades on the wall.

I chose softblue and egg-white paint for the window and door. For the door and window I used grey paint as undercoat.

And this is the result after the paintjob: the front of the shop with the window and door and two side walls.

After attaching the walls to the base I painted the outside floor grey.

I found used sandpaper that was perfect for floor tiles so I cut the sandpaper in little squares and glued those on the outside floor.

As finishing touch I used green flower soft  as grass peeping through the tiles.

Because I was going to use this project as a photobox I didn't want a roof on it. Instead I cut out a strip of cardboard and found some cheap thin wood I had lying around. I cut rectangles out of the wood and glued that on the cardboard. After drying I painted the rooftiles grey and glued the cardboard on top of the walls.

I made a decal with the name of the shop and pasted that above the front door.

And here it is...my new photobox!

The whole project only took 3 days and I'm so pleased with the result. I can't wait to fill it up and start making pictures again.
Have a great day!