zondag 22 maart 2015

Stocking up!

I was able to finish the miniature flowers I mentioned in my previous post AND some other 'springy' miniatures that were on my to-do-list. 

As I'm writing this I'm taking pictures so I can list them in my Etsy shop (hopefully) today. Gosh...I do sound busy, don't I?? 

Here's a little sneak preview of the new stuff being delivered to the shop.

As you can see the sun is really shining, how I love spring!

vrijdag 20 maart 2015

Real versus Miniature

How to cultivate irisses in pots in the real world?

What you need is:
garden tools
water and sunlight
patience and determination

How to cultivate irisses in the miniature world?

What you need is:
coffee grounds
scissors and punches
patience and determination

I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm a total failure as a gardener in real life that's why I try my luck in the miniature world!

woensdag 18 maart 2015

It's Spring and I'm back....

Wow, I've been neglecting my blogging for way to long! It's not that I've been gone, I've been busy. I know...it's not much of an excuse but it's the truth. 
The Etsy shop took much of my time and to be honest I absolutely LOVE it!
I love searching for new ideas...
I love experimenting with new skills...
I love being secretly proud of my creations...
I love the positive feedback I'm getting....

So...as you can see life is great for me, I'm into a spring mood. Happy and cheery!
Been making loads of flowers and plants, ofcourse in miniature size. Funny how once you get started you can't seem to stop making them. To bad they don't have scent, it would bring spring right to my worktop.

I still have some new flowers I want to try out, list them in my shop and see how others like them. I can't wait!
My Etsy Shop...LOL