maandag 29 oktober 2012


The last few days were wonderful!
I had time to do some miniatures AND I went to the Dollhouse&Miniatures fair at Apeldoorn.
I bought some supplies I badly needed to finish some of my miniatures and I was surprised by some beautiful gifts. As soon as I've finished on the presents I recieved I'll take some pictures to show you.
   In the meantime here's a peek at some of the cats I needle felted.
I've also worked on some dogs and I promise to keep you updated on those too.

It's really difficult to get a good picture of those munchkins. Maybe because of their tiny size or bad lighting...or maybe just because I'm not a good photographer (huge grin). 
Here is a close-up. All cats are multicolored and have bows, tiny beady eyes and whiskers.
All of them say meooow to you and wish you a perfect day...
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donderdag 25 oktober 2012

A bunch of little compartments in a row.

You probably know the feeling: as soon as you start with dollhouses and miniatures you find yourself collecting all scraps and bits for future creations. Nothing gets thrown in the bin without careful examination and being looked at with miniaturist eyes...hmmm...maybe I should save that! And before you know it you have a box for ribbons, another for buttons, a shoebox for wooden pieced you're sure you going to use and a plastic containers with undefined parts that are undoubtedly handy in the future.
After seeing your boxes pile up to Mount Everest height you decide to label them. And for a while you're able to find your treasures again...
When I was in an arts&crafts store I saw the most efficient way to store all those tiny bits and pieces: a cabinet with drawers that had loads of little compartments. The cabinets were used at printer compagnies to store all those tiny metal letters.
After searching and searching I finally found one, not in the best shape but affordable. After the necessary restorations, a lot of scraping of old paint, sanding and new layers of  varnish the cabinet looked amazing.
Now I have enough room to store all my precious miniatures to be!
Wow...I think I'm getting organized.

zondag 21 oktober 2012

Give Away Time!

You gals (and guys) made me so excited, over the moon and ever so proud.
Isn't it amazing?! There are over 400 people following my blog.
 It's time to celebrate this milestone and I would like to host a give-away
. Lately I've been doing some needle felting and this is what I came up with. I sure hope you like it...

Yep, it's a sleepy cat on a chair in french style.
If you would like to to win this miniature then please;
- Be a follower of this blog.
- Leave a comment beneath this post.
- Keep your fingers crossed till saterday 17th november when the draw will be held.
- Posting a link on your blog would be appreciated, in fact your name will be put in twice for the draw (please mention you've linked the give-away on your blog).
Good luck everyone!