vrijdag 8 november 2013

Getting in the spirit!

Are you getting ready for the festive season? It's such a wonderful time of the year, I'm a total nut when it gets closer to December. I love everything, I start decorating my house waaaay to soon, I already have my eye on a dorky Christmas sweater I want to knit, I'm already looking for recipes and I even secretly slip a cd with Christmas songs in the player and sing along when nobody's at home.
And guess what I almost forgot? The International Christmas Swap!
Caterina is hosting it once again this year and I'm so glad I could join just in time. Don't by shy and join the fun.
Everything you need to know is on her blog, just follow the link.


vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas

I definitively have something wrong with my sense of time. It's kinda...ehm...mixed up. I make spring decoration items in the fall and now I'm already busy with Christmas!
And I'm back to shabby chic again which means bows, whites, pinks, blues, flowers and lace are scattered all over my worktop.
Here's a little sneak peek of what I'm making...a pink forest!

Oh...by the way, I'm humming 'Let it Glow, Let it Glow, Let it Glow' nowadays. LOL

dinsdag 24 september 2013

Heeeeeeey...it's Peter Rabbit!

In between making miniatures to stock up my Etsy shop I found some time to do something with the bit and pieces of felt I had laying around.
Yep...sometimes I have so much energy I just can't stop myself. You propably know the feeling:  I find myself working on a miniature and I lose all track of time, I look up and get a shock when I notice how late it is. 
Yesterday I was trying out making miniatures with felt and I was playing around with patterns and ideas. Real late (or real early this morning) little Peter Rabbit appeared from my hands. It's funny how I really don't know what something will become when I start crafing. I do have a vague idea but never know what the result will be.

Ehm...I kinda like this mini bunny. I just HAVE to find some pictures on internet to see what all the friends of Peter Rabbit look like. I'd love to make all those wonderful characters from the books by Beatrix Potter.
Oh dear, something tells me I won't have much sleep the coming days :o)

zondag 22 september 2013

Spring in autumn

The seasons are changing and I can feel the autumn in the air. On a cold and rainy day I was browsing on the internet when my eye caught some adorable felt kits which I just couldn't resist. They are very 'springy' and sooooo shabby chic.
As soon as the kits arrived I started working on them and since they came with all the materials included, an easy to do pattern and clear explanation I was finished in no time.
Today the weather cleared up so I rushed into the garden to take some pictures.

The kits are Jit Design www.jitdesign.nl/ and I've seen loads of kits I can't wait to make.  I can picture it now...felting through the autumn and winter. What a great idea!

dinsdag 6 augustus 2013

I'm being sabotaged!

Yikes...I woke up this morning in a pretty good mood. After a wonderful cup of coffee I decided to work on some outstanding orders and on some ideas I have for Christmas miniatures. 
Whistling a happy tune I walked to my workplace and couldn't believe my eyes! I found my tiny workspace in total chaos; paint bottles everywhere, unfinished miniatures on the floor, ribbons hanging from my chair...
Words can hardly describe what I found.

After feeling really, really, really annoyed for a few seconds I couldn't help myself from laughing. Why? Just look at this cute face and you'll understand.

Meet Wodan, our new kitten, 10 weeks old, naugthy as naughty can be. But such a cutiepie he gets away with most of his mischief.
I'm going to be more firm with him!
I truly will!
 I'll scold him whenever needed! 
I'll put him back in place as soon as I see him do someting bad!
 I'm very determined!....

... But just one look at those innocent kitten eyes and my good intentions fly right out the window.
Oh dear...this is going to be difficult!

I'm going to rename him: it's Wicked Wodan from now on!

maandag 5 augustus 2013

Can you keep a secret?

Did you notice the needlefelted doggy in my previous post? Well...as soon as I published that message someone got in touch with me to tell me that doggy looked a lot like her real life pet dog. She was wondering if I would sell it to her and even sent me a picture of her dog to show the resemblance.
I was rather pleased she wanted the dog because she's someone who supported me from the start, giving me compliments about my work and really making my day with her kind words, bringing a smile to my face. Without knowing she kept me motivated so I actually have a lot to thank her for.
Ofcourse I didn't need to think for long and decided to give the doggy to her. But, seeing the picture of her pet I wanted to try and make another one for her, one that resembled her real life dog even more.
It is going to be  surprise since the person in question went on holiday and won't be back for another week.
Today I found myself in the sunshine, in my garden, poking wool until this little creature appeared. Tomorrow I'm going to sent it on its way.


So shussssssh...let's keep it out little secret, I just love suprises, don't you?

zaterdag 27 juli 2013

It was great!

Everything was perfect on vacation...beautiful weather, amazing scenery, great nature, wonderful food and wine...
After only one day of leasuring around to rest after the long drive in the car, it was time to go sightseeing and fully play the role as tourist.
In our holiday home we found a bunch of leaflets with things you could do and see in the area so we daily we picked one out randomly and were on our way. Every day was a surprise where we would end up and it was quite adventurous. We visited a waterfall, hiked  a trail through the mountains, visited a local brewery (I really don't like beer at all), attended a local party the firebrigade organized, followed a trail barefoot through the woods (so much fun!), ate a few times at the pub where all the locals went to dinner, saw great craftmanship like someone blowing glass and cutting wood...
It was funny how holiday activity brings so much rest and peace. I felt totally distressed and full of energy the whole two weeks.
In the evenings we enjoyed the view onto the moutains and see the sun go down. No television, hardly any phonecalls (except to check if everything and everybody was doing well back home), no work, no stress...it was PERFECT!
Ofcourse I couldn't help myself from making some miniatures, I brought along my needle felting stuff and having all the time in the world I was able to make a few little animals.
One day I made a mouse and was so echanted by it I sort of couldn't stop making those until I had a whole family. I gave a few away and it's a funny thought: we're back at home but  some of the mice stayed behind. I hope they have the same great time we had!

Sleepy mice snuggled up in a pod...

Not only mice appeared from my needle! They were soon joined by bears, cats and a dog!

It was a great vacation but it's always nice to be back. There's no place like home!
I'm off to catch up reading your blogs and see what you've been up to, talk to you soon.

woensdag 3 juli 2013

Summer holiday

We're all going on a summer holiday.
No more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on a summer holiday.
No more worries for me or you.
For a week or two.


I'm packing because I'll be gone for a week or two, enjoying a summer break. I've decided to take along some reading material and my needle felting stuff. I'm hoping for sunshine, great nature and some rest. Keep your fingers crossed for me the weather will be nice and I'll see you back soon!

zondag 23 juni 2013

Itsy is on his way!

Itsy and I have been waiting impatiently to let you know where he will go and live. I decided to use an online generator to find out who the lucky winner is. I've numbered the comments (1 to 24 since 1 of the comments was published twice) and pushed the button.
Here is the result: 10!!!!

This means Itsy is going to Rosethé from http://rosetheminiatures.blogspot.nl/
Please let me know what address to put on the package Rosethé and your the doggy will be on it's way!

I'm so excited about the Etsy adventure, it's keeping me quite busy and I'm so proud because I already made my first sales there. Love...love...love it!!!
*huge smile*

zondag 9 juni 2013

Itsy about Etsy

Hello there, my name is Itsy and I popped in to tell you it finally happened!
 Another Cosy Shop has found it's way to Etsy and opened her doors.
To celebrate I was chosen to become a Give Away...how about that??

Would you like to give me a new home?
Then all you have to do is leave a comment beneath this post and out of the entries one of you will be chosen as the lucky winner!
The draw will be held on Saterday June 22nd.

Ohw...before I forget...you can find Another Cosy Shop here:
It would be absolutely fabulous if you came to have a peek and tell  me what you think about it!

zaterdag 26 januari 2013

New stuff!

A new year, new ideas, new inspiration and new listings! This weekend I'll be listing loads of new miniatures in my webshop (  http://www.anothercosyshop.nl  ) and here's a picture to give you an impression.

And I'll let you in on a little secret...I'm trying to get a shop started on Etsy! Yes..a new shop! I'm so excited about it.  I'll keep you posted on my progress on that. Does anyone have an idea for a 'grand opening'?