zaterdag 17 november 2012

The winner is...

Hi all!!
I'm sorry I made you all wait so long, it was a busy day and we only got to the draw of the give away late in the evening, which also explains the dark photograps and the sleepy appearance of our son.
Our youngest son had lots of fun folding all pieces of paper with the names and putting them in a basket. He took ages to pull out one of the papers and was able to give a last tired smile for the picture. Then he was off to bed...
And the winner is:
Jannet from Jannet's Country Cottage
Congratulations Jannet and could you please contact me at to give me your address?
Thanks everyone for participating in this give-away and for your kind comments.  It surely won't be the last give-away!

dinsdag 13 november 2012

Don't move and say cheese!

Yes! I've done it...
It's so difficult to take good photographs of miniatures, no doubt you know what I mean. But I finally got the pictures I needed for the webshop and listed the cats.
 *Huge sigh or relief *
There they are...strike a pose! Waiting for new homes.
There's other great news: I recieved my first blog-award! YIPPIE-DEE-DOOOO!!!
Thank you very much  ShellbyFay !
I'm feeling mighty proud all of a sudden.
Wheeee..I got my first award (doing a little wave all by myself).

maandag 12 november 2012

About giving and recieving gifts

It's going to be a busy day..I mean week...nope...a busy month :)
I've been a little under the weather the last couple of weeks, it started with a cold which unfortunately developped  to a huge lanryngitis and bronchitis. But, after the doc told me to take some rest and handed me this familysize package of antibiotics, I decided to be a good girl and listen. I feel lots better now although I'm not out of the woods yet. I still need to take it easy but me and taking it slow just don't match.
First thing's first so let me tell you what I've decided to do the coming days/weeks/month. First of all I'm participating in the International Christmas Swap. Caterina organizes this swap every year and it's loads of fun. If you participate you are linked to someone and you exchange some Christmas miniature gifts. This swap is worldwide and it's a lot of fun being hooked up with someone from far far away. I'm a little late telling you so if you want to join, please hurry!
All the details are found here:

I've secretly been doing some mini's. As I've already posted I've been to the dollhouse miniatures show in Apeldoorn and I was lucky to meet some of the BIG names in miniature land. I've shaken hands with Jane Harrop , Ruth Stewart and Carol Kubrican !
I did some Dutch translations for the beautiful kits Carol sells and in return she showered me with gifts. I haven't been able to do all the kits she gave me (she gave me so much!!) but here are the ones finished so far.

The huge load of gifts I recieved from Carol
The finished kits so far....
Pretty in French style: boxes with dishes
Forsythia branches in a French pitcher
I can't wait to finish the kits, they are really stunning!
What else is on my to-do-list? Let's see... I still need to photograph the miniatures I made for the webshop and update the site (yep..those cats are for sale).There are still a lot of miniatures that aren't finished yet and are patiently waiting for my attention. I have to finish two workshops I promised for an advent calendar the dollhouse forum, of which I'm member, is organizing. Ohw...and there is the usual rush of life (groceries, laundry, cleaning), how could I forget?
And worries...I will take the rest the doctor prescribed...somewhere in between!