woensdag 11 januari 2012

It's 2012!

Funny as it is only a change of date but this  new year feels like a new start for me; the beginning of new exciting happenings. A burst of energy is running through my veins and I want to love, laugh and live!
I've been busy with family and friends in the last month, very cozy and snuggly AND tried to do some miniatures in between those busy times. I wanted to put some more items in my shop before Christmas but just couldn't find the time. So...today I finally came around to doing that. I also decided to use the other blog of mine 'Another Cosy Shop' just to show the new items I've made. I have a real 'official' shop where buying is much easier. Gosh...it almost looks like I'm becoming profesionnal *huge smile*.
I hope you don't mind me showing off a little wee bit and show you some of the items I made!

The pictures only show a few of the items, there's much more to see. If you would like to take a peek you're welcome at http://www.anothercosyshop.nl

I'm afraid there's also sad news I want to share with you. Remember little dog Fifi , a give-away on my blog, that was going to live at Carla's in sunny Brasil? I've send her on her way in november but until now Carla  hasn't recieved her yet. I'm afraid poor little Fifi might have gone lost. Isn't that just awful? I'm keeping my fingers crossed here she will turn up soon. If she doesn't I promise you that I'll make a new Fifi (Fifi #2)  and try to get her to you as soon as possible Carla!