dinsdag 4 september 2012

Stocking up!

During the summer break I've been real busy making new miniatures for my webshop and I was able to list them last weekend. Here are a few pictures of the new items I made.
French Country style cabinets and chairs

A new theme: Ballet
Nostalgic toys
Shabby chic
There is lots more, all the new items are listed on the page 'new items (september)'. It would be absolutely great if you would take a peek at http://www.anothercosyshop.nl

Thank you all!

maandag 3 september 2012

Summer break is over!

Today all the kids went back to school and here I am, sitting at my laptop with a coffee in hand and suddenly it hit me...summer is over. It's so quiet in house...
These were the first lines for my new blog post but as soon as I had typed them the following happened: one of our sons came back in the house, he went to school only to find out he had to start at 1 pm. So he arrived at school at 8.15 am and got the surprise of his life realising he was the only student there. He failed to check the school program last night (even though I asked him several times).
Oh well...it happens...
But then one of our other sons came running back in the house. He's starting college this year and had to take the bus and train to his new school. And guess what? He couldn't find the bus he needed to take. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor since the busstop is so easy to find and I certainly didn't expect this. So, we hopped in my car and I broke some speedlimits trying to get him there on time. He was only a few minutes late.
Today the kids went back to school and here I am, still trying to catch my breath, looking at a cold cup of coffee and I can't stop myself from grinning. Who ever said it would be quiet after the summer break?